Protec III: Original

Technical Data Sheet

Last updated: June 15, 2023

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Coverage Guide

Per 5 US Gallon/18.9 Liter Pails:

Average Usage:

1500 square feet per 5 US Gallons = 139.4 square meters per 18.9 Litres.


1750 square feet per 5 US Gallons = 162.6 square meters per 18.9 Litres.

Power Trowel:

2000 square feet per 5 US Gallons = 185.8 square meters per 18.9 Litres.

Product Certifications

A Hardener, Densifier, and Polish Aid for Your Concrete.

Harden and Add Densify, Dust-proof, and Stop Efflorescence:

One of the surprising uses of Protec III: Original is that it's also a complete standalone densifier and hardener.

Protec III: Original works through a chemical reaction between cement and our Liquid Silica Fume to increase density, producing a harder surface that permanently polishes and dust-proofs with vehicle and foot traffic.

Polish Your Concrete, Slow Additional Wear, and Add More Strength.

You can substitute any normal requirement of a densifier or hardener with Protec III: Original. In addition, it works as your densifier when polishing concrete.

Additionally, you can prevent efflorescence and carbonation by chemically neutralizing the calcium hydroxide in new concrete with just one application.

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