Power Trowel on Residential Jobs.

Finish Jobs In Any Heat or Wind Conditions, Get a Flatter Surface, Cure Automatically, and Halt Efflorescence.

Applying Protec III: Original on normal power trowel concrete is as natural as it gets.

Simply apply the product with a sprayer at 300 square feet per US gallon/7.5 litres per square meter across the entire surface after screeding. For larger pours, apply after you screed each section.

Once applied, immediately work all product in with 2-3 passes of your concrete float.

Give fast-drying areas a light spray, then fully work all product in

Dustproof And Densify With Another Coat After Saw Cuts.

With Protec III: Original being a water-based and non-membrane forming product you do not need to wash the concrete after saw cuts before applying a second coat.

To apply a second coat for dust-proofing and extra hardness, simply apply the product after saw cuts at 400 square feet per US gallon/10 litres per square meter after removing most saw dust, do as many coats as desired, allowing all product to absorb and dry completely before applying more.

Your shop floor will be ready to walk on as soon as the product has absorbed.