Protec III: Original - Tote

Protec III: Original - Tote

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Protec III: Original (Chem RX) is a penetrating cure, hardener, dust proofer, densifier, and finishing aid all in one product.


As a Finishing Aid - Download.


How It Works:

Protec III: Original works by reacting the weak calcium in concrete to create highly resistant inert silica bound calcium which gives concrete a protective and dense surface that resists deterioration against highly caustic chemicals, and acts as a cure by creating a gel within the cement paste that maintains the moisture in concrete better than wet curing. — All this also prevents efflorescence seepage.


Product SDS - Download.

Product TDS - Download.


Product Price Breaks:

Totes are 105$ per 5 Gallons.
Totes are a Total of 275 US Gallon or 55 Pails.