Protec III: Original

Made in Canada for 25 Years.

Trowel, Cure, Harden, Densify, Polish, Dust-Proof, Prevent Shrinkage Cracks and Efflorescence.

Employee Training Video:

Learn everything you need to know about the product in one 3 minute video.

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Precast Instructions:

Wall Panels (Fresno or Power Troweled):
On power troweled and fresno troweled precast apply at 300-350 square feet per US gallon right before starting to pan the surface.

Give fast-drying areas a light spray, then work in all product.


Apply at 200 square feet per US gallon after extruding.

Broom Finished:

Apply at 300 square feet per US gallon in total before working in all product, do not spray more after brooming.

How It Works:

Protec III: Original works by reacting with the alkalis in cement..

This reaction uses the left-over soluble minerals in your concrete to prevent white efflorescence from coming out and staining, improves the paste to help you finish, and keeps moisture in your surface to prevent plastic shrinkage cracking.

Product Safety:

Safety Summary:

Product Safety and Handling.

When applying Protec III: Original:
1: Wear protective glasses.
2: ⁠Avoid skin contact or allowing product to absorb through clothing.

⁠As the product is alkaline contact causes irritation, especially if it gets in your eyes.

After applying Protec III: Original:
1: The product does not produce silica dust or air quality hazards.
2: The product does not off-gas.

The product is LEED 4.1 certified (meaning no volatile organic compound content, and no off-gassing), and does not contain any compounds in California Prop. 65.

Signs for Plant Use:

Keep product canisters separate from bond breakers with high visibility labels.

Write on yellow areas with any permanent marker to label sprayers belonging to different locations.

Best Ways To Buy:

Product has a shelf-life of over 10 years if unopened, and the product can freeze-thaw without any issues.

Ship Across Borders:

All orders of 275 US Gallon IBCs get free shipping, with automatic discounts on truckloads.

Product ships from Alberta, Canada and is available across Canada, and the continental US.

Product is also available in Australia with Distribution out of Sydney, NSW.

Get Some Pails to Start.

Precast Walls: Enough product for 14,000 square feet of precast walls.

Broom Finished:
Enough product for 12,000 square feet of broom finished precast.

Enough product for 8,000 square feet of hollowcore panels.