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Finish your concrete with our spray-on trowel aid and cure.

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Finish, Cure, and Harden your concrete with the same product. All three uses in one sprayer.

Industry Standard:

Our product has been trusted across the world for 24 years in projects all across Canada, Australia, The United States, and Mexico.

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Made with our Liquid Silica Fume technology, Protec III: Original is a versatile powerhouse, there is nearly no end to its uses.

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Protec III: Original is available for immediate shipment in Canada, The United States, Australia, and Mexico, with extended shipping to more locations upon request.

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Product Frequently asked questions


How do I get free shipping?

Simple! We offer free-shipping on all orders of 36 pails or more within Canada, the Continental United States, and Mexico.

How do I apply it?

You can learn in the Technical Data Sheet or in this short video Here.

What is needed to apply the product?

As our products are all solvent free, you can use any clean sprayer to apply them.

If you are applying on power trowel you can use a microfiber mop to get rid of any puddles. See the Technical Data Sheet for more instructions.

Can this replace my finishing aids and surface retarder?

Yes. Protec III: Original is a finishing aid and surface/evaporation retarder, along with being a complete cure, hardener, and densifier.

You can trowel the product in, use it after finishing, or apply it on existing concrete.

Can this cure concrete?

Yes. You will get a full chemical cure with just one coat of product, if you want dust-proofing just add another coat.

Please see the Technical Data Sheet for specific instructions.

Do I need to clean the surface first?

No cleaning is needed If you are applying on new concrete other than vacuuming any soff-cut saw dust.

Actual cleaning is only needed on when applying on existing concrete.
Please see the Technical Data Sheet for specific instructions.

Is this compatible with flooring and other coatings?

Yes. This product becomes part of the concrete's surface, so there is no way it can cause adhesion issues with other coatings or glues.

There is also no need for preparing the surface before applying another product ontop of Protec III: Original.

How Do I Order Product?


You can order product online here: Order Online Here.

Or by contacting us via Email, or by Phone or Text at: +1 (587) 355 2219.

Is it LEED 4.1 Credit Compliant?


Protec III: Original meets the following:

The VOC emissions evaluation requirements for the LEED v4.1 EQ credit: Low-emitting materials.

And CDPH Standard Method v1.2-2017, Section 01350.

See our passing test results Here.

TDS - Product Instructions.

Built for Mobile, and Available for Printing.


SDS - Safety Information.

Built for Mobile, and Available for Printing.


Updated: June 16, 2023.

Get Low-Emitting Material Credits with Protec III: Original.

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