2 - For Precast Walls.

Your solution for efflorescence, curing, and finishing.

Prevent bleed water, shrinkage cracks, and efflorescence in one step during manufacturing, no washing or removing the product needed at any point.

Streamline manufacturing by floating the product in before you start to power trowel.

Replace water curing and provide a full 28–day cure, all without the need to remove a coating before painting your precast walls.

How To Apply on Precast Walls:

To get a trowel aid and cure in one step, just apply Protec III: Original at 350 square feet per US gallon/8.6 liters per square meter after screeding or before troweling, then proceed to finish like normal.

With Protec III: Original you will not need to water cure anymore, and the surface can be painted without any extra preparation or cleaning.